Monday, February 15, 2010

Languages Are Vanishing: So What ?

I do believe that language is one of the biggest reasons on why the world is so traditionally diverse. There would be many positives and negative effects on the world if the human race spoke one, or just a handful of the same language. Firstly, this would tremendously effect each culture in their traditions and way of life. Yes, there can still be different cultures even if they all speak the same language, but I do not feel the cultures would be nearly as separate from each other as they are now. A huge reason in why every culture is so different is because of the fact there is a language-barrier, separating and isolating them from those who don't speak or understand their language. It's almost like not being allowed to be part of a club because the language difference and inability to understand and follow the club's lifestyle. Leaving the human race to be grouped off and not able to be a whole because of the many different ways of life and traditions between cultures. The fact that languages are so quickly becoming more and more distinct of course leaves us with the wonder about what will eventually happen. Will the extremely traditional / religious / culturally based groups of humans really stand for this ? Would they back down and learn another language just to fit in with society ? Not only do I believe there is an extreme amount of individuals who would never do so, but I also think the positives or this conversion ride hand in hand with the negatives.

I believe this article is lacking on explaining some negative and positive outcomes this may have. With this, I believe the negatives are hardly acknowledged, and it's a bit naive and bias in believing it's mostly a positive change. The author of this article Roy F. Baurmeister explains "Maybe we should celebrate the disappearance of obscure languages. Wouldn't there be considerable positive value if everyone in the world spoke the same language? Imagine how easy it would be to communicate with everyone else." I do believe he may be right in this aspect, but I also believe the negatives of language distinction is almost equal to these positives. Considering every human being acts and feels differently about every given thing, and being certain things hold certain value and meaning to every individual, I do believe language holds a different meaning to each and every person. A lot of cultures take extreme value in their language and it greatly influences their way of life. Therefore, if everyone spoke one language, populations that take such pride in their tongue may really not like this idea, and in return may rebel against this idea of mass unification. To many, this could be the same as being stripped of your pride and what you stand for. Not everyone believes tying the entire world together in such a way is a wonderful idea. And i truly believe that no matter what, the human race will always find negatives, and try and rebel and do things that individualize themselves. I believe if it's seen negative by many cultures then extreme measures may be taken by them, denying this the best they can. With this, the distinction of languages can not only cause a great loss of ancient tradition, but for those who convert, they can endure severe consequences of betrayal. For those who choose a new type of lifestyle as well as enduring major cultural changes.. will they be punished for doing so ? Will this be viewed as backstabbing and in ways be seen as being sacreligious ? What do you think would happen to the world if everyone understood everyone else ? I also think A LOT of political issues would come of this, and it would greatly effect sales considering some ways people are tricked into paying more than they need to is a result of language-barriers. Would people then try to come up with other ways to individualize themselves ? Would people then create different, secret ways to communicate other than languages ? Will peoples values, traditions and heritages become less important or non-existant ? Could this create things like gangs and family break-ups ? Or would the positives win .. and this world may actually succeed better and have less racism, and everyone can for once be viewed and treated as equals ?


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