Tuesday, February 16, 2010


"Conlang, or constructed language, is a language who's phonology, grammar, and/or vocabulary have been consciously devised by an individual or group, instead of having evolved naturally." "Most constructed languages can be broadly divided into: Engineered Languages, Auxiliary languages, and Artistic Languages"
When Steven Pinker began talking about the origins of language and specific words, the validity of new words, and their chances of becoming immortalized in the grammar of society i began to think of one of my favorite hobbies and modes or facets of creativity. i'm very into making up words using common sounds and letter combinations. GH GHT ING KN PN UE CHE are a few examples of letter combinations that yield extremely pleasant and sometimes puzzling sounds and foundations for words. once ive created a plausible sounding word, it is simmple to asign meaning to it. partruse, conveignche, chlatte, freigne, ghnoische, whats important in these words is sound and an actually word that they may be relatable to. my love for made up words started when i was in 8th grade and was subjected to aptitude tests as a result of my attention span, energy, and a few other unimportant qualities. In one of the tests the hippie doctor asked me to read some words for him. they started of with words like chair and house moving onto multi-syllable words, but then he had me read words that werent words. i thought it was exciting. like a bit of a challenge. when experienced readers read over a page, they dont sound out words, they see the grouping of letter and identify them as a word instead of a group of sounds. we've all seen the paragraph that rearranges the letters in the words, leaving the first and last as they should be, and we can all read it. make up words. if you cant read em, you might be dumb. schunneghettente.

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